Did you know that a poorly installed window can cause you to lose almost 30% of the energy used to heat or cool a room?

It's literally money you’re throwing out the window...

Correct installation of windows helps reduce energy demand and increases interior comfort by eliminating unwanted leaks and minimizing thermal bridges.

If your windows are old, not safe, do not isolate the noise and by them you lose heating in winter and do not insulate from the heat in summer....

It’s time to change them!

You also save good money on your monthly electricity bill.

But when to change them?

You can take advantage of any renovation such as changing the bathroom or the kitchen. Any time is good if you take another reform.

Many people when considering the reform of their housing contract on the one hand the masonry and on the other the materials that are needed for the reform such as the windows.

That is, they buy windows without installation included.

That is a big mistake!

Not all construction professionals know how to install the windows correctly

The installation of the windows requires professionals who have experience in both installation and insulation, installation of glass, as well as in the calibration of the doors to fit perfectly.

Benefits of changing

Thermal Insulation · Acoustic Isolation  · Energy Savings · Safety and tranquility

Cabrera has been in this business for 10 years with 20 of experience. Within 10 years we have completed over 3,640 thousand projets. That is nearly 7 projects per week on average, keeping our customer’s satisfaction as our top priority.

We have expanded greatly within that time and today we are happy to serve people all over Puget Sound. We are licensed and experienced.

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